New Pipeline Project Partners Fracking with the Tar Sands

While most environmentally concerned people are aware of the Keystone XL pipeline most have not heard of Cochin Reversal pipeline project that was quietly approved by the Obama administration just prior to Thanksgiving. The 1,900-mile pipeline project will carry gas condensate (ultra-light oil) from an Illinois terminal northwest to Alberta, where it will be used to thin tar-sands oil so it can travel through pipelines. The Canadian government's efforts to expand Alberta's tar sands have created a growing market for US producers of natural gas liquids, particularly those mined by fracking operations. The $260 million project is an expansion of...

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Ford’s Solar Powered Charging Stations

Ford Motor Company is using SunPower Corp.’s panels for its solar electric vehicle charging system. The charging stations will fuel Ford's new EVs (Focus Electric and C-Max Energi). The system employs rooftop solar panels which feeds power to an electric vehicle charger. Under Ford’s “Drive Green for Life” program customers can get the 2.5-kilowatt solar-powered charging station for under $10,000. The price includes federal tax credits but not state or local rebates. Loans and leases to offset the cost of the solar roof are also available. The solar roof comes with a residential monitoring device that tracks the performance of the array...

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