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Why Education is the Key to Managing Climate Change

Education that improves climate literacy builds consensus and lays the foundation for the acquisition of the specialized expertise required to solve the problems we face. Education including basic scientific literacy is a catalyst for change and a bulwark against misinformation and disinformation that impedes action. A well-informed population also serves the public...

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IPCC final warning

The evidence for climate change is irrefutable, it is impacting all areas of the globe and humans are the cause. While some of the effects of global warming are irreversible there is still time to prevent some of the worst impacts. However, the planet is warming faster than previously thought, and...

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Planet Tech: The Sustainability Track

This web summit will take place on November 1 -4, 2021. The world’s leading startups, business giants, innovators, and influencers will come together in Lisbon this November. They’ll showcase tech's solutions to our planet’s biggest challenges, including ocean degradation, energy systems, and sustainable design. Companies that attend include Patagonia and...

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