ISO Principles for Environmental Labels and Claims

These principles are part of ISO 14020, they serve as a prerequisite for all the other standards in the series.1. Environmental labels and declarations shall be accurate, verifiable, relevant, and not misleading.2. Procedures and requirements for environmental labels and declarations shall not be prepared, adopted, or applied with a view to, or with the effect of, creating unnecessary obstacles to international trade.3. Environmental labels and declarations shall be based on scientific methodology that is sufficiently thorough and comprehensive to support the claim and that produces results that are accurate and reproducible.4. Information concerning the procedure, methodology, and any criteria used...

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Electric Vehicles Will Drive Demand for Lithium

Lithium is a key ingredient in the power plants of electric vehicles, prompting Public Broadcasting (PBS) to say that, "Lithium is a metal which may soon make our old-fashioned, oil-dependent vehicle obsolete." Technology Review has said that,"Lithium batteries are driving a renaissance in electric vehicle development." Lithium battery powered electric vehicles come in a range of sizes and configurations from tiny unicycles to large transport trucks. Toyota's Prius is a well known hybrid vehicle that has been a commerical success for years followed by Honda's Insight. Nissan recently inaugurated an affordable vehicle called the Leaf and most car makers have already released...

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